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​7 Great Tips For Quality Content Writing  — 11 Comments

  1. Remembering your audience is a great tip. Sometimes I get going so fast that I forget who I’m trying to reach.
    Great tips, I know I will use a lot of them.

    • So true! Knowing your audience is very smart. My issue is finding a quiet place or a quiet time. I remember my audience but get side tracked by things going on around me.

  2. Sometimes it can be such a struggle to find a quiet place, but it’s definitely a necessity for me to get any writing done. Great list of advice that I’m going to save so I can remember all these fine points next time I sit down to write, especially the bit about the importance of remembering your audience. This can sadly be easy for me to forget sometimes.

    • It’s really important to find that quiet place. I have the same struggles as you. I struggle with finding the good vibrations Pete mention too, but I think the two are so closely related that it makes sense that it’s hard to find one without the other. I’ve noticed privacy helps me a lot! And turning off the internet so I don’t get too distracted, at least during the first draft.

  3. There are some really great tips in this article and on this website in general! I am definitely going to go back and re-work some of my first content. I have definitely grown as a writer since then!

  4. I love the idea of going back and re-working some of my older content because we all improve over time. Also, our experiences have grown and our viewpoints may have changed. I know I see that even with movies that I used to think was about X in my younger days but now I think they’re about Y. I’m going to give that a try this weekend.

  5. I’m a new blogger and plan to put these tips to good use. I think my blog is too broad. I might scrap it and start over with a more defined niche.

    • I’ve done that a couple of times and I think is part of the learning process and probably a great move on your part.. Thanks for your time and the very best to you. Sign up for the free sites and course to learn good fundamentals.

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