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10 New Careers After 50 — 18 Comments

  1. There are a lot of good options here and certainly a few I am going to look into further. I wonder how one goes about becoming a technical writer? What’s the difference in that and a “regular” writer?

    • Hey Robert that’s a good question. The technical writer is responsible for creating technical documents and manuals, explain complex information in a clear and concise manner and working with scientific staff to ensure accuracy of product descriptions.

  2. I like the idea that it’s never too late to learn something new and change career paths. I’m retiring soon and plan to travel around in my RV. I’m glad to see that it’s possible to work remotely and I know I can adapt to this change.

    • Hi Rich, did you see this: Wealthy Affiliate Review: $1600 Per Month From One Website With This Awesome Training!
      The author travels around the world working from his laptop. He also did it in about 6-8 months. thanks for commenting.

  3. I am very intrigued by the email manager job, and I also like to write. You have definitely giving me a great list of options for where to start. I am really starting to believe that I can bring in a substantial income from home.

  4. My husband was laid off from corporate America several years ago. Although the severance package was nice, he needed to work just for his own self esteem. He became that customer service rep. that you talk about here. He spent hours in online training to become a AAA representative. The only problem was there were no set hours. He had to actually fight others online to get hours to work. In the end it simply was not worth the hassle to get only 5 hours per week. So, I guess I’m encouraging folks to thoroughly look into that online customer rep. job before taking the plunge.

    • Hi Corkie, that’s a negative experience for you guys, and great advise that you give. It’s good to check reviews and consider each case and if there’s a lot of negative reviews think thrice before entering. I hope things worked out for you both. Have you considered the FREE Sites And Starter Course? No Card Needed-Watch Video Here!

  5. I was thinking about writing or tutoring because they are things I love doing. I wonder how to actually start, though. If I were an employer or any potential customer, I would be looking for someone with a decent portfolio to hire. Does an independent, self-built website have a good chance against those freelance platforms?

    • Hi Scarlet, that’s a great question. Writing and tutoring online are great choices and definitely yes an independent, self built website can greatly prosper online. One reason is that you’re not competing against anybody! You just need a nice website-education-great support. What really matters is that you have lots of good relevant content on your site, which will take a while for you to produce. The titles for your site and each post that you make should be specific keywords, etc. You build your site like a house or store, it takes time to get it ready for business, then you draw visitors from social media and from the search engines with content that you have published on your site. Google, Bing,Yahoo, etc, see and rate/rank your site. If it’s a very “competitive” niche you can choose a deeper or sub niche, example: writing or tutoring in a specific subject or topic. Actually multiple topics would be best if possible. Another thing is that if you are starting out you will need only a smaller number of accounts or customers to keep you busy. With good content and satisfied clients you can get busy very fast and need help before long. Sign up for the FREE Starter Course and learn with nothing to lose.

  6. This is a great list of online jobs. I’ve been trying to find something to do at home and I’ve already considered a lot of the options on this list. I’ve never heard of an email management job before. That sounds interesting and like it wouldn’t be too steep of a learning curve for me. How prominent is that type of job? Thank you for the suggestions.

    • Hi Charles, I know that there’s a lot of email management tools and software available and have heard that some are offering email management and there are contact mgmt. companies that manage emails, although I don’t know of anyone personally. Service businesses that are experts at what they do and specialize in customer service and don’t overcharge will continuously grow over time and someone could become an expert while they search for clients. I don’t know of the need for such a business but a good salesman with a good service can generate customers as I said overtime. However that wasn’t my choice, I recommend the Free Starter Course No Card Needed, check it out Charles, watch the short video…

  7. I am just about there age-wise and I am really burned out on my job. It would be a real luxury to me to be able to make money from home I am not sure that affiliate marketing is for me, however, I’ll be willing to look at almost anything to get to stay home.

    • Hey Tex, do what I did to find out if this is for you. Sign up for the Free starter membership and take the 2 Free Sites + Free 10 lesson Certification Course and then decide… There’s nothing to lose and No Card needed. I was there too, after some injuries I became disabled and had to find a non physical job and Wealthy Affiliate was just like going to a university and doing work every day or at your own pace. Give it a shot and let me know if you have any questions and thanks for your time and comment.

  8. These are great suggestions. I just so happen to be one of the writers you mention. I love what I do online and still feel like I am contributing to the household. My husband could do the shipping and logistics. I will pass this on to him.

    • Cool Alex, I really respect writers that can produce one article after another and also love their work, that’s fantastic, I know how hard it can be if you’re “not” a writer. I used to have the hardest time just writing a paragraph lol. I appreciate your time and comment and wish you the best.

  9. Great ideas here! I’ve experienced some success with tutoring school kids in math as a side job of mine. I’ll have to try some of your other suggestions soon.

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