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10 WordPress SEO Best Practice Tips — 10 Comments

  1. I’m not sure I understand the concept of the “link juice” and “unlinking”, mainly (I think it’s) because I’m not entirely sure what a no follow policy entails. Could someone explain this to me?

    • Hi Miss Moneypenny, that’s a good question.The no-follow policy is the same as not linking to a name or phrase within your post that will take your viewer away from your website (or unlinking a previously linked name or phrase). Interlinking is keeping the viewer on your site by linking one of your website pages to another and the search engines like that, as compared to many links that pull the viewer away from your site. My understanding is that the search engines want a more authoritative and informative site for those using their search engine instead of just a quick doorway to another site. You’ll never make the leading search results pages with a site like that. Thanks for your time, comment and question.

      • Ah, gotcha! Thank you so much for explaining the difference to me. I can see why search engines would prioritize those kinds of sites more. I’ll be keeping that in mind for the future. Thanks again, Pete.

  2. Pete, about how many tags do you recommend bloggers use? Is there a certain amount that seems to work better than others. I feel like I use too many and don’t want it to come off as spammy.

    • I’m not Pete, but I can share some advice I got on another site a while back. They said that you really shouldn’t use more than ten tags unless you can really justify using more. Although I do think the number varies depending on the complexity of your site.

    • I usually try to use 3-4 tags that support the 2-3 keywords used in the post. There’s no set limit and some don’t use tags at all. However keywords and tags that help the search engines get a clear picture of your post content can only help your site in the search engine rankings.

  3. I was trying to find the link to the Ultimate WordPress Security Guide but must be missing it. Where is it located? I’d love to give it a read.

  4. I installed WPDISCUZ but haven’t used it to its fullest potential. I’m going to have to go play around with that some more. I hadn’t really thought about how a bunch of comments on one page could greatly slow down a site’s speed either, which is silly because it’s so obvious now that I think about it. Thanks!

  5. Wow, this is an amazing list! These tips are probably the best I’ve ever seen. The eighth one had some new intel though that I haven’t heard of before, will definitely do that!

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