Hey there and welcome to my site newcareerat40.net.

My name is Pete and I’m a retired Painter-Contractor. I retired early in 2017 due to shoulder disability as both of my rotator cuffs were shot and I couldn’t do my work anymore.my profile pic

We have painted so many very nice homes inside and out, buildings and schools and even a couple of hospitals. One thing that I didn’t learn was how to use the computer except for a few of the basics. I’m glad that I had learned how to read and write and knew those basics and have built up my computer/internet knowledge and continue every day to learn and share with others that are searching like I was.

So I found out about Wealthy Affiliate through one of my customers and after checking it all out I signed up for the Free Starter program like so many others and fell in love with the WA website. It’s a University with so many lessons and tutorials, enough to make anyone an expert in online business as well as social media. As I was taking the Starter course I noticed that the wealthy affiliate community is incredibly active and helpful, when you have a question just ask!

I wanted to mention that yes I’m 60 yrs old…so why newcareerat40? I chose the new career niche as I was changing careers and the “keyword” new career at 40 had better search results than new career at 60 so I chose newcareerat40. It really doesn’t make any difference as it’s never to early or to late to start a new venture online.

I joined WA early in 2016 and worked my way through lessons and tasks and worked on a few websites after work looking forward to earning an income online asap. I must say that I was really impressed with all of the lessons, courses and tutorials. Everything is very well put together and there’s no upsells or spamming at WA which is great not to be bothered about “must have” accessories to what I thought was a complete package when purchased.

I Want To Help You Learn

Business is customer service, without that service there are no customers as they’ll just go somewhere else to find what  they need or the solution to their problem. Customer service was always my job and we had very satisfied customers so I certainly understand the need for good customer care. I also experienced the transformation of someone, myself, who had very little computer knowledge. I even had to learn all of the computer language, reading sentences 6 or 8 times trying to understand what the sentence was saying..lol..looking up words to understand what the sentence meant as I definitely didn’t speak the language.thinking cap

Everything that you need to startup, run and scale your online business is available to you here and at WA as I share the lessons, answers and information with those seeking.

The Goal of NewCareerAt40.net

I started out with the lessons and built a few websites, dropped 1 and worked on 2 sites until about a month or so ago when I finally realized that I would like to help others get on board with as little confusion and few complications as possible. There’s so many little hurtles along the way and Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome platform to be working from and anyone and everyone with an online interest can certainly benefit from all of the classes, courses and tutorials.

So my goal with this website is to make it a place where others can come and find what they need to answer a question or learn something from a post or video. All of my education has come from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and I’m constantly updating and adding things to this site to benefit those that are curious or building their own websites.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
I do my best to help you and answer comments daily.

Wishing You All The Best



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