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Amazon — 10 Comments

  1. Since Amazon is so popular with shoppers today, I can see how they’d be a big earner for bloggers. Do you know if the item bought has to be sold by Amazon or can it be from a 3rd party seller listed on Amazon?

  2. I did okay with Amazon Associates on my old blog until they changed the payment structure. Since I’m starting fresh anyway, I’m definitely keeping their tiers in mind.

  3. I also made the mistake of jumping the gun on this program before I had enough content and followers on my blog. I am glad to see that I can still re-apply when I get things set like I want them and plenty of content.

  4. Amazon is one of my favorite online stores. You can be an Amazon Affiliate is you qualify. They have rules and some don’t make it. You also have to make a certain dollar amount to keep your account open past 90 days. Work hard, sell lots, generate leads, and make plenty of sales!

    • It’s pretty simple if you follow the rules but you need to wait until your website is up and running with plenty of content before you apply for the affiliate program. Thanks for your time and comment.

  5. I purchase a lot of products on Amazon so I’m glad to know about their affiliate marketing program. It seems like Amazon gives a higher commission than other programs I’ve seen. About how long did it take before you started earning with this affiliate program?

    • Hi Greg, I made the mistake of signing up for the affiliate program to soon and got shut down for not making any sales. So I took a couple of months to work on my site and reapplied and was approved no problems. About a month later I made my first sale.

  6. There are so many ways to get paid with Amazon. From selling things to doing small tasks. Yet, I have always found the affiliate marketing program the hardest way to make money.

    • I agree to a point, you should have a website up and running with enough content before applying for the affiliate program because they want sales within a few months or they stop your account..which you can get back, but still have to make a sale within the time period. You do have to work at it as with any business. Thanks for your time and comment

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