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Build A WordPress Website…In 30 Seconds…Video!! — 11 Comments

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize how quickly you can get a functional WP site set up so freaking fast through Wealthy Affiliate. That’s seriously impressive. I’m getting more and more convinced. It sounds like it’s completely worth any investments of time and money since it will help you save those things in other areas!

    • It really is awesome and well laid out, very easy to understand. The costs are very low too with the highest expense being advertising. However there are many tips to bypass the expensive advertisements and bring viewers to your site in other ways. It takes a while longer but works well for many. When I started a painting business many years ago it cost thousands of dollars just to get the vehicle and equipment and many added expenses added to that, including constant repairs, tires, gas, and much more. An online business through the WA platform will cost the monthly membership fee and very little else. And if you pay yearly the cost averages out to $30 per month and you get the aid of the very active community at wa, all you have to do is ask.

    • I imagine you don’t need more encouragment aside from everything that Pete just told you, but I still wanted to let you know that I signed up for this a couple of days ago and I am completely floored by all it has to offer. It’s absolutely worth it!

      • I also signed up a day or two ago and I am still tweaking my website, but it was pretty easy to get started. Now to finish up and start driving traffic to it!

        • that’s awesome Gretchen. One thing that I noticed is that the site tweaking is something that you’ll do regularly as you do routine maintenance like making sure that all of your links are working properly, etc. Enjoy the lessons on traffic.

  2. I’m concerned about joining WA. Do I have to be an excellent seller or an expert in persuasive techniques to really make money with it? I’m not good at selling and I don’t want to sign up if the bottom line is that I will have to sell products or sell people on the program. Please advise, thanks!

    • Hi Fred, no you don’t have to be a good salesman to make money but you do have to learn a lot of things about how the online world works and how to make $ in any number of ways. So there is no get rich quick program and we all work on our sites daily. Follow the steps and be amazed when you look back in a few months..enjoy your journey Fred.

  3. My wife has a couple of affiliate products and I thought that WA may help us to create some web pages or sites that can help describe and sell hr products. Does WA make sense for that? Do you think that we can achieve the same thing with a blog? In your opinion, which is more feasible a blog or a full blown website?

  4. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve wanted a wordpress site for years but haven’t delved into it because I knew there would be a steep learning curve and with my job and my family, I just didn’t see how I could make the time for it. Since, I’ll be on vacation in a few days, I’m going to commit to WA and setting up a wordpress site. Thx!!!

    • Hi Aly, I started with a couple of hours a night after work each day and really fell in love with the whole making money online process. There are many different ways to earn a living online and they’re all covered in depth in the training..thanks for checking out, and ask if you have any questions, and enjoy your vacation.

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