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Make My Own Website -Tutorial Videos 5-6 — 2 Comments

  1. If we have a product or service to offer, would it be better to display as a post? After all, we need the social function to share the item or maybe include it in the RSS feed for people to recognize. Custom templates sound good for advertisement purpose, but the sharing function feels more important. Is there a specific occasion where I should put it as a page?

    • Hi Scarlet, I would say yes, if you’re trying to display and promote your product or business every page and post should point to your product in some way. The pages are for “timeless” content, things that can be changed but can sit as a foundation for your site, the about you page and pages about your product. The posts are up -to -date content on day to day info or activity, training and useful information that your visitors can learn and possibly apply. Thanks for you time and comment and have a great day.

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