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One Network Direct Review – Software – Games and Electronics — 9 Comments

  1. I prefer to promote well known products since readers are more likely to search them out and buy. Glad to see an affiliate with a great commission rate too.

  2. OND sounds great minus the no live chat. I hate when I go to a website and have a question and there isn’t a chat option. I want help right away, not to send an email and wait for help.

  3. I can’t wait until my blog gets a little bit more off the ground so that I can give this a try! Wealthy Affiliate does sound like it might be a better fit for me, but this sounds really promising too. It’d be interesting to see a comparison between the two.

  4. I’d only heard of Wealthy Affiliate before. OND sounds like a really promising program. You highlighted some great strengths. The cons are a little hard to overlook though. Since this would be my first experience with affiliate marketing, I think having an online chat option for support is a must for me. Hopefully this is something they’ll change soon!

  5. Hey man, thanks for listing some dependable affiliate programs that actually payout. It feels like there are so many scams out there, it’s nice to know which affiliates are reputable.

  6. Hello Pete,
    Thanks for taking the time to present this article. I have never heard of OND before. It seems interesting. I have to agree with you though, I am BIG on support and contact. And it seems to be a weak point at OND.
    Of course, great commissions are always a plus, but in order to sell them and get the commissions, you need to feel confident in presenting the information and if you come up against a hiccup and you need support assistance to launch your campaign – this could indeed be an issue.
    Great points and thanks for sharing. I will still sneak a look over there at OND>

    • Hi Michelle, thank you for checking this out and also for leaving a comment. I think that I would start out testing the customer service with a question or 3 and if satisfied promoting a product and proceed with caution until I felt comfortable with their system. Many are doing quite well at OND and I would not want to miss out on an opportunity and nice commissions unless I had some evidence of low customer service which I don’t. They just don’t have a 24/7 live chat and maybe those of us that have 24/7 are just a little spoiled, lol. Thanks again Michelle I wish you the very best.

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