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SEO Guide 7 Tips For Getting More Traffic — 12 Comments

  1. Pete, if not for this post I would never have known that my blog was not searchable. This really needs to become public knowledge. I am also going to add my site to the Google Search Console right now. At least I wasn’t the only one who was completely in the dark!

    • Most are in the dark and can really benefit from applying these tips to attract more traffic. Adding your site to search console is a good move. Thanks for taking the time to comment and have a great day.

  2. I would love to see an expanded version of tip number #6 if you have time to add another blog post. I’m just not sure which tags stand out the most. Does the number of tags matter? Does it help to have several as opposed to just three?

  3. Tip #1 is a goldmine in itself. I can’t believe I have had that set incorrectly for so long. At least I have been making sure to do proper SEO in all of my blog posts so I don’t have to go back and fix that too.

  4. Pete, do you know if SEO works the same on forums and in blog comments? I’m going to scrap my blog, take the Wealthy Affiliate training you’ve mentioned, and start fresh. Just want to make sure I understand how SEO works.

    • Hey NewBlogger, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is for online surfers that are searching for specific things. Forum and blog comments are another category and I don’t think that seo tips apply. If you were to leave a link within a comment, the linked to page could have been search engine optimized, but not the comment itself. Thanks for the comment and your time.

      • That’s interesting to know. Thanks for the question, NewBlogger. I wouldn’t have thought to ask it myself. I would have just assumed they worked the same way. Thanks for clearing that up, Pete!

  5. These are some great tips for getting traffic to your website! I definitely think that adding your site to the Google Search Console is the one that you gain the most on. Experimenting with different SEO software until you find the right one is also a great way to gain traffic to your website.

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