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Starting A New Career At 40 — 18 Comments

  1. I just joined Wealthy Affiliate and it is a LOT of information. I think it is going to take me a bit of time to get through it all, but it looks good so far.

  2. The more I read about Wealthy Affiliate, the more I like it. Thanks for this post Pete! I’m impressed by how open so many people are to helping and sharing their experiences. WA is a real community of entrepreneurs and earners helping one another. Great for newbies and veterans! I can’t wait to get started!

  3. You’ve definitely convinced me that I want to give Wealthy Affiliate a go. I like that they give you a starter package so that you can try the program before making any kind of investment—that’s a plus. I also like that there is a wealth of information that might make for “overload” but if I just go at my own stride, I think I should be okay. So excited and thanks Pete for the invite!

    • Thanks for spending time on this site and really is like a university..try the free starter membership and enjoy your journey.

  4. Thank you for reviewing WA. I’ve been so tired of seeing and reading about all of these get-rich schemes and scams online. It’s refreshing to find a site, a learning platform where you can actually learn what it takes to earn legitimately online at your own pace.

    As a beginner, I really love that WA has a starter membership that includes step by step instructions. It looks like it incorporates an active learning strategy that will allow me to practice different tasks so that I can get a deeper understanding of each lesson.

    Your review has really simplified what WA is all about and WA has made earning online both accessible and affordable! I can’t wait to start working with you as I begin this new and exciting adventure!

    • thank you Beau for commenting and yes there are many so called gurus that are really good at getting your money and just kind of leave you confused. Kyle and Carson are well known wealthy affiliates and set up their platform to teach everything step by step..and you can get in touch with them anytime, they don’t hide on us lol. I’ve recently renewed my membership and there are hundreds of thousands that have renewed for years. Try out the free starter course, there’s a lot there, and see if it’s for you..there’s nothing to lose..

  5. Great post! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely something I want to dive into. I’ve always wanted to start my own internet business but had no idea how. Wealthy Affiliate seems to be the right place to begin. Very informative post with an honest assessment of making real money by working for it. No get rich quick scheme. Is it really free to sign up or is there a catch?

    • Thanks for your kind words Patrick, I absolutely love wealthy affiliate and don’t have to look anywhere else for anything because it’s all within the site…and there is certainly no catch ever..the member always gets the great deal. Start out with the free membership and check it out good and ask questions and see what happens…thanks

  6. Very nice post! You are so correct that it is never to late to start anew! I am 43 and I am currently a member of WA, it has opened my eyes so much, I only wish I would have found them sooner!
    I am wondering, about how long after you get started does it take to begin to see real results?
    I am only a couple of months in, but I have not yet seen the kind of traffic I was hoping to see, any thoughts?

    • Congrats on being a member..I think you made the perfect choice for many reasons. At Wealthy Affiliate some after only a few months are earning off of their sites but most take longer than that. The amazing thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that there is soo much info, like 1000 modules, videos, classrooms, weekly webinars, etc…it’s not like we’re just learning a little something…we’re learning the entire online internet business from start to as far as we can take it. So I am doing and suggest that others realize the opportunity here, it’s an all-in-1 online business university that you’ll never leave…

  7. It does not matter the age or the level of training even if you don’t have any training in this field. Wealthy affiliate have been helping persons from all ages and different background to achieve online success. The key is in following what we have been taught and putting it into practice. Your review of wealthy affiliate is awesome and I know that your readers will love what you are sharing and will be motivated to give this program a try.

    • Thanks and you are so correct in that knowledge by itself does nothing unless it’s applied..the very best to you.

  8. Great review of wealthy affiliate. I’ve been a member there and using the site to learn how to build my online businesses. I would agree with you, though, it can be a bit of an information overload, especially for us newbies! But luckily there’s so much to do and enough guidance that it’s not an impossible task.

  9. great review, I’ve been going off and on wealthy affiliate for the past year and I”ve learned a lot of good stuff. It’s not only just website building and SEO, but they’ll teach you Pay per click on Bing and other cool practical things as well. It’s something I would recommend for sure.

    • thanks JP..yeah there’s like a thousand training modules, video tutorials, weekly trainings, etc…step by step..

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