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Home Depot — 9 Comments

  1. This affiliate is new to me. The commission seems on the low end, but I’m always glad to add another to my arsenal. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So, the cookies are active for 24 hours. What if the link is to a specific product but they end up, like 12 hours later, going to Home Depot on their own and purchasing a different product? Does that still count? Or does it not really link to specific products?

    • Hi Wendy, I don’t think that would count in that situation as the cookie is for an online transaction within the 24 hrs. Physically going to the Home Depot and making the purchase would not link unless you were able to get a real coupon and use it at the store. Thanks for reading and your comment.

      • Thank you for replying! I’m sorry, I should have been more clear. I didn’t mean if they went in store to go buy something. I realize that could be way too difficult to track. I just meant returned to the Home Depot website later on during the day.

  3. Can you be a Home Depot affiliate in addition to say an Amazon affiliate or do you just have to choose one company to affiliate your website with?

    • Hi Gretchen, you can be an affiliate to as many merchants as you can handle. Many make a great income from Amazon or Home Depot and that’s fine with them, and others are affiliates for any number of different site’s products. It’s obviously best to start with one program and grow slowly from there. Thanks for the question.

      • Building onto this, I’ve seen that some companies are completely fine with linking to other similar companies alongside them in the same post. Is that true for most companies or do most want to be singularly given attention to? Or does this just vary a lot?

        • Linda, it’s been a long time since I blogged, but in my experience that was only the rule with sponsored posts. I’m interested to see Pete’s reply just to know if the norms have changed.

          • Yes Linda I believe that you are correct, only the sponsored posts use the rule. Most companies don’t try to implement the rule as that would seriously lower the number of affiliates promoting their products. If someone is paying for your post then your service is to the client and linking to another company usually not allowed. Thank you

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