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ShareASale — 9 Comments

  1. About how long does it take the average person to become a full member? I’m curious because it seems they get a lot more benefits and it would be worth working towards if doable.

    • There is a lot more benefits for the premium member and when someone like myself and so many others see and understand what a great deal it is we just have to grab it. I was a free starter for 4-5 days before I upgraded, and I’ve renewed my membership a couple of times and will continue to do so. I’m not sure of the exact stats though.

  2. I have never heard of this program. Sounds like they are quite strict on al0t of their policies. I would like to look more into this. Sometimes the ones that sound the worst are really the best.

    • A lot of the reviews of ShareASale are positive. Even if they are strict with their policies, it sounds like the ease of using the site and getting paid promptly are two major perks for this program.

  3. ShareASale is indeed a very good network. They have offers in almost every niche you can think of and their affiliate support is top notch.

  4. It seems that ShareaSale is very popular and after reading this article I can understand why. It seems to be a very stable and reliable affiliate marketing site.

  5. I have been an affiliate with ShareaSale for about 2 years now and I have nothing but good comments about them. They always pay on time, the affiliate managers are very helpful and there are so many offers to choose from. I highly recommend this network.

    • Meskita, it’s great to hear that you enjoy the site. A lot of sites don’t pay out on time, so hearing you say that ShareaSale does encourages me to look more into the company.

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